Industrial Grade 4G LTE System

High Output Commercial/Industrial Grade 5 Band 4G LTE Cellular Repeater System, for office areas, warehouses, underground parking lots, tunnels, etc.

Extremely Powerful Professional Grade System with 15 Watts of High Output Power! For large commercial building systems with multiple indoor antennas for large indoor coverage areas and the output power for multiple indoor branches with long indoor shielded cable runs, for reliable cellular communication.
Commercial Grade system for Rogers Wireless 4G LTE, Bell Mobility 4G LTE, Telus Mobility 4G LTE and ALL discount carriers in Canada. Also includes, the new 4G LTE 700mhz frequency blocks! Very high output power for large indoor or underground areas!

Recommended for Commercial buildings, Offices, Underground parking lots, Warehouses, Retail Stores, etc. for small, medium, or large indoor areas with one or multiple indoor antenna branches to keep a very high level of cellular signal output at each indoor antenna branch as this repeater system has not only a high gain, but also a VERY high level of output power and low RF noise. Also, has ample output power for long lengths of shielded cable. You also have a future option to expand this system for more indoor antennas at any point of time later. We provide free system design included with the cost of our systems.

Price $5500 + Installation (for one indoor system antenna)
**Options for much larger system designs**

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