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Industrial Grade 3G System

High Output Industrial Grade Cellular Voice and Data System
System. Powerful Premium High Power 15 Watts high output industrial grade system.
Industrial building systems for LARGE indoor coverage areas with multiple cell phone users, such as offices, underground parking lots, metal warehouses, etc. This system also has a large amount of output power, for multiple indoor antennas and long shielded cable runs between antennas, in DAS or repeater system set ups.
This HIGH OUTPUT INDUSTRIAL GRADE system is comparable to carrier grade repeaters and is used in many commercial and government applications across Canada.
• Very high gain (dB) and Very high output power (dBm) both for the uplink and downlink.
• A total of 15 Watts total output power for the uplink (throw to the local cell carrier's towers)
15 Watts total for the downlink (for coverage signal push in the building and extra branches) with a very high 80dB gain for all frequencies.
• Each cellular frequency band can be controlled separately for exact calibration to the local towers, as per RF noise under Industry Canada rules and regulations
• System design is included with the system price

Material and design starting at $2900